Private Aircraft Consulting

Considering a Private Aircraft Consultant?

Whether you are purchasing your first plane or jet for personal travel, or you have a fleet of company planes, you no doubt know that managing an aircraft is not for amateurs. It takes a great deal of knowledge and experience to be able to evaluate the type of plane that is suitable for your business or personal needs – knowledge that can be gleaned only from hours and hours in the cockpit, on the ground and managing pilots and maintenance staffs. This level and depth of know-how is extremely rare – no doubt contributing to the fact that many first-time aircraft owners make some very expensive equipment and financial mistakes if they proceed without guidance.

Denny Banner brings nearly forty years of aviation experience to the entire aviation consulting process beginning with a complete business and personal travel analysis. This evaluation asks the critical questions of who is traveling, where they are going, how long are they there, how many times do they travel to that destination and what is the current cost of the travel. Travel costs should not only be measured in the cost of a commercial airline ticket, but in opportunity cost of wasted time at airports and the cost of not utilizing your most precious assets (your people) to their fullest.

There are specific aircraft types that will work best for each set of circumstances. What works for one company of a certain size may not be the optimal choice for another similarly-sized company. Personal aircraft is also family-specific as your family size and destinations will most likely differ from people you might know that have private aircraft.

Knowing which types of planes are available at any given moment, which have been thoroughly vetted or have up-to-date logs and maintenance records will save you from following dead-ends and wasting both time and money. Why not let an industry expert guide you through the process of evaluating and buying your first, or next, aircraft? Call Denny Banner today at 847-226-1148.