Choosing a Private Jet Management Company

Private jet managementWhen it comes to finding a management company to handle your aircraft, safety and experience should be at the top of your list of decision criteria and concerns. There are companies of all sizes in this business, and each offers a unique menu of services when it comes to equipment management.


Banner Aviation specializes in a turn-key approach to aircraft management. Denny Banner, an industry professional with more than 40 years of experience in aviation as well as more than 12,000 hours as pilot-in-command, is uniquely qualified to handle everything from aircraft purchase through compliance, pilot training and hanger details. Few in the industry have as much experience and as many hours in the cockpit, have owned and flown as many aircraft and can bring a pilot’s critical eye to all aspects of aviation as he can.

Jet Selection

Companies and individuals do not typically have the level of expertise to evaluate a jet purchase in terms of return on capital, utilization and safety. That is where having a jet management expert helps at every step of the decision process. Deciding between two different aircraft comes down to more than just looks; you want to know the safety record of the model aircraft, how it handles, its pros and cons in terms of fuel efficiency and maintenance, capacity and the level of training your pilot needs in order to meet flight regulations for that specific aircraft. Having an aviation insider such as Denny Banner guiding you each step of the way will save you not only time when purchasing an aircraft, but money over the long haul as you will no doubt want to be as efficient and effective with your maintenance budget as practicable.


You and/or your company are choosing private aviation for its benefits such as convenience and privacy. By choosing a private jet consultant such as Banner Aviation, you are extending convenience and privacy to your management function as well. Your details will not get lost in the corporate hierarchy of a large management company; these details are handled by Denny Banner personally. He can not only train the pilots that will be flying your plane, but he is available to fly your plane for you. This hands-on approach ensures that you have one point of contact for everything that concerns your aircraft.

Very few companies take this individualized approach to jet aircraft management. Banner Aviation excels at minimizing your frustrations with an attention to detail that is uncommon among management companies. Getting the most out of your aircraft, safely and efficiently, is just a phone call away. Why not give Denny Banner a call today at 847-226-1128 today for a critical assessment of your current situation or help with setting up private jet management for your aircraft?