Denny Banner – Aircraft Acquisition Specialist

Are You Buying a Business Jet or Personal Jet?

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The world of private aviation is complicated. From buying, to maintaining, to leasing, to complying aircraft, Denny Banner is both a pilot and private jet owner giving him a unique perspective and deep knowledge of all aspects of aviation. With more than 40 years of experience, Denny is a true expert in his field.

Banner Aviation is singularly qualified to help you identify the right aircraft makes and models for your business or personal needs. No other aviation acquisition specialist has the global reach, technical expertise, longevity and respect that Banner Aviation has earned.

Evaluating Executive Jets for Sale

Although the Internet makes it easier to see what jets are for sale at any given time, the details presented in tables and check boxes offer an incomplete picture of the condition of aircraft. Banner Aviation’s client representation services include a thorough investigation of the history of the aircraft including all maintenance records as well as any incidents the aircraft may have been involved in. A prospective aircraft may also be involved in leasing programs or a subscription program and this is vital information to determine the value of an aircraft and its suitability for your intended purpose.

Know your Jet Seller

It wasn’t that long ago that private and corporate jets were predominently owned and operated here in the U.S. This is no longer the case which makes evaluation of the maintenance records of jet aircraft more difficult. Knowing where to look for this crucial information is one of the many turn-key benefits that Banner Aviation delivers to individuals and companies that are looking to buy an aircraft or upgrade their fleet. Banner performs hands-on international aircraft searches for corporate and private clients alike with the ultimate goal of finding the right aircraft at the right price.

The True Cost to Own a Jet

Banner’s customized approach to private aircraft ownership is tailored to your specific needs. From initial consultation and budget evaluation to an in-depth travel needs assessment and managing flight scheduling and activities, you will know what your aircraft will cost beyond the acquisition price. Services also include a complete evaluation of each program or subscription and recommendations for either keeping existing programs or upgrading/substituting better alternatives. We handle every detail so that you can take full advantage of the ownership experience.

Risks, Liabilities and Lawyers – Purchasing Private Jet Aircraft

Banner Aviation provides not only aircraft negotiation and procurement services, but also makes sure that your potential aircraft complies with all federal and international regulations and registries. Making a smart purchase decision while minimizing risks and liability is achievable with the experience and expertise of Denny Banner at your side.