Aeronautical Experience

Aeronautical Experience

Denny Banner obtained a private pilots license in 1966. From that point on, he became enamored with the aviation world and continued to receive a multitude of aviation ratings. He has privately owned over 50 airplanes, including turboprops and jets, and has over 10,000 hours of flying experience. Denny has provided private services to some of the countries most notable business people and celebrities. He has also started numerous Corporate Flight Departments (Jet/Turboprop Equipment) in the Chicago area, and holds ongoing contracts for Jet Flight Department Audits.

A Testimonial by Captain James Lovell
Former Astronaut & Commander of Apollo 13:

I have known Denny Banner for over 20 years and have found him to be extraordinarily knowledgeable in all aspects of general aviation. In fact, I have worked with Denny personally on a matter pertaining to the purchase of an airplane and his overall perspective and expert advice proved to be invaluable to the transaction. Denny exhibits integrity and honesty in his professional and personal relationships and anyone using his services would be well-served and represented by one of the best in the business.

FAA Ratings

Certificate # 1782572, Airline Transport Pilot, Airplane Multi-Engine Land, Commercial / Instrument Rating, First Class Flight Physical

  • LEARJET 23
  • LEARJET 24
  • LEARJET 25
  • LEARJET 28
  • SABRE 40
  • SABRE 40A
  • SABRE 60
  • SABRE 60SC
  • SABRE 80
  • Merlin 3
  • Merlin 3A
  • Merlin 3C (13,300lbs)
  • GULFSTREAM II/III (Simulator)
  • Challenger 600, 601-3AER
  • Challenger 601-1A, 601-3A, 601-3R
  • King Air A90
  • King Air E90
  • Falcon 20C
  • Falcon 20D
  • Falcon 20E
  • Falcon 20F
    (4 Engines)
    (Pratt & Whitney Engines)
  • JETSTAR 731 (Garrett Engines)
  • JETSTAR II (Garrett Engines)

Personally Owned & Operated Over 50 Airplanes, Including:

  • Cessna 310N
  • Cessna 310T
  • Cessna 401
  • Cessna 411
  • King Air A90
  • Lear Jet (All Models)
  • Beechcraft Duke (All Models)
  • SABRE Jets (All Models)
  • Falcon Jets (All Models)
    (All Models)
  • Swearingen Merlins
    (All Models)