About Banner Aviation

About Banner Aviation

The Lure of private flying attracted Denny at an early age. As a young man first out of the U.S. Navy, Denny Banner returned home to Chicago and embarked on what was to become a very successful business career in publishing and advertising. Starting out as the Junior Salesman for The New Yorker Magazine, he incorporated a Beech Bonanza into his coverage of the Midwest sales territory.

Denny’s overall effectiveness in this business was dramatically enhanced by the personal aircraft that he owned and operated, providing his sales team with quick-response travel to satisfy client needs. He also used the aircraft for client entertainment, sales meetings, client sports events, and personal vacation travel. No doubt, having an airplane afforded an “extra edge” in climbing the corporate ranks. Denny’s career included The New Yorker Magazine, Petersen Publishing Company and finally CBS Publishing, all the while using private air travel in the pursuit of increasing business for these corporations, thus embarking on the dual career path of corporate executive and aircraft owner. Advancing in business, managing million dollar sales offices, Denny’s personal aircraft grew from singles to twins, and then on to heavy duty Turbo-Props and finally corporate Jets.

Needless to say, the planes had to look good, fly well, and be maintained to the highest possible standards. After years of successful flying and business endeavors, it became a normal transition to move from publishing executive to corporate aircraft ambassador on a full time basis.

The sophisticated machines we operate today demand a true understanding and appreciation for both pilot training and professional maintenance. There is no substitute for outstanding training programs, and it’s up to the corporation and individual to embrace these challenges in the pursuit of safety in all its forms.– Denny Banner

Denny Banner is well qualified to evaluate pilot histories, training, maintenance logs, and especially “human factors” that make up the pilot scenario, with Audits of Flight Departments of particular interest. Denny knows the challenges these aviation folks face every day. The relationship dynamic and interaction between the various departments on the “hangar floor” dictate success or failure. When these goals have not been met, incidents and accidents can easily be projected. Simply stated, Denny Banner knows what to look for to optimize every detailed in aviation standards.