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Denny Banner is the Go-to-Guy

For Business Aviation

There were several important events in aviation history in 1966. Pres. Lyndon B. Johnson approved the U.S. Department of Transportation, America’s SR 71 Blackbird spy plane was placed in service and Gemini 10 spacecraft was launched successfully. Of importance also, Denny Banner earned his private pilot’s license while on active duty with the U.S. Navy. He enhanced his pilot’s training under the G.I. Bill when his tour was over.

Banner has owned and operated more than 50 aircraft. He has logged in some 10,000 hours on prop and jet aircraft as a pilot chauffeuring corporate executives, famous athletes and stars of movies and TV. He did all this while working a full-time job as a salesman and sales manager for several magazine publishers, flying in his own plane to call on prospective customers.

Sensing the direction of changing business conditions that found American companies focusing on productivity and enhancing profitability by outsourcing, Banner gave up piloting for celebrities and the advertising business. He started Banner Aviation as a go to place for companies seeking to start or to upgrade aircraft operations.

“Although America’s airlines deliver great numbers of passengers safely and timely, busy executives flying commercial aircraft are pressed to be where they have to be, when they have to be there and be up to the task in hand,” says Banner. “Many executives just don’t want to see O’Hare Airport ever again. ”

When fiscally able, companies prefer to own and fly their own aircraft.

Responding to the needs of public and private companies to increase their productivity by owning and flying themselves, Banner Aviation, today, provides a package of services to set up and/or manage companies’ aviation departments. Banner’s services include proper aircraft selection, pilot recruitment and training, maintenance and compiling of detailed logs so every expense can be accounted for. He will literally search the world for the right plane to meet a company’s needs.

“We help companies make the right decisions,” says Banner. “We help them buy it, fly it, paint and furnish it, house it and care for it. We work nights and weekends anytime the plane isn’t needed for business travel.

A resident of Lake Bluff, Banner and his wife, Susan, moved there five years ago after living in Lake Forest for three decades. Denny and Susan are the owners of Banner Aviation. She is also a pilot. The company is based at the Waukegan Regional Airport where the 6,000 ft. runway accommodates larger jets than does Chicago Executive Airport in Wheeling.

Denny Banner is called “The Airplane Guy.” You can put Banner’s 46 years of airplane experience to work for you and your company by calling him at 847-226-1128.

By A. J. Goldsmith