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Denny Banner – The Consummate Aviation Consultant

When it comes to purchasing private aircraft for personal or corporate use, very few people know enough to make a decision about which aircraft to buy, let alone make the optimal decision for specific travel needs.

Denny Banner has dedicated his career to helping clients select the right airplane or jet, using his considerable aeronautical experience, both in the cockpit and on the ground. With over 12,000 hours as pilot-in-command and more than 40 years as an aviation consultant, there is hardly an aircraft model he hasn’t flown, managed or procured for his extensive client list which includes celebrities as well as Fortune 500 companies.

Business savvy in the aviation community is a rare commodity, but one that Denny has not only embraced, but mastered. He is a hands-on consultant and personally locates, evaluates, acquires and manages aviation equipments. As an independent aircraft consultant, Denny can assure you that your aircraft purchase transaction will be a successful one. He will make sure that the plane you buy is not only safe, but the right aircraft that will maximize resource utilization as well as your enjoyment of flying privately.

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